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Beef Steak Tartar (90g)
with Czech toasts
185 CZK
Home-made duck pâté
with pear-orange chutney and crispy brioche
155 CZK
Marinated salmon
with avocado, roasted beet and lime mayonnaise
190 CZK
Prawns roasted on butter and saffron with sauce alla Bouillabaise190 CZK
Rattatouille Provencale
lightly fried vegetables with fresh herbs and polenta
130 CZK
Roasted red onion filled with duck meat
with truffle caviar and parsnip puree
175 CZK
Traditional Czech mushroom soup
with dill and cream
55 CZK
Spicy shrimp soup
with asparagus, salmon and coconut milk
79 CZK
Caprese salad with Burratta mozzarella,
tomatoes and variation of leaves
220 CZK
Medium roasted sirloin beef salad
with Dijon mayonnaise and vegetable Concasse
230 CZK
Salad with breast of duck
with fried polenta cubes, candied pear and honey nuts
205 CZK
Salad with gratinated Goat Cheese
with roasted beet and pistachio nuts
230 CZK
Caesar salad with chicken fillet,
tomatoes and bread chips with Parmazan cheese
189 CZK
Gnocchi with chicken meat, spinach, mascarpone and dried tomatoes205 CZK
Gnocchi with salmon, asparagus, pistachio nuts and saffron sauce 220 CZK
Linguine with pork sirloin, mushroom sauce and truffle caviar 220 CZK
Linguine with fried vegetables, home-made pesto and rucola 185 CZK
Steak of tuna fish Sashimi
with saffron-mango sauce and vanilla flavor mashed potatoes
415 CZK
Salmon fillet with sauce alla Bouillabaise
with confited celery and tomato-coriander Consasse
295 CZK
Fillet of pikeperch on lemon-flavored vegetables
with polenta and homemade fish croquette
239 CZK
Beefsteak on pepper sauce
with confited celery, mustard dip and parsnip fries
435 CZK
Beefsteak on marjoram sauce
with homemade potato croquette and herb mayonnaise
415 CZK
Roasted pork sirloin with mushroom sauce
with truffle caviar and potato roll
265 CZK
Lamb chops in fresh herbs
with smoked mashed potatoes a forest fruit demi-glace
380 CZK
Confited leg of Duck
with parsley-bacon dumplings and red cabbage
219 CZK
Beef burger with Le Grand sauce
with Cheddar cheese, onion rings, truffle dip and parsnip fries
235 CZK
Orange-flavor Cheesecake
with apple-chilli sauce
80 CZK
Chocolate cake
with candied pear and warm truffle chocolate
80 CZK

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